15W RGBW LED Disco Light

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n this video, I go over the features of the 15W RGBW LED disco light. I go thorough the modes, as well as an overview of how the electronics work, usability and longevity concerns, and a comparison with the previous 18W RGB versions that were popular. (more info below).


These (generic) lights use RGBW LED's connected to a microcontroller with some functions. For those curious, the menu is in the order of Manual (R G B W), Strobe, Colour Jump, Smooth Fade, Colour Fade In/Out, Sound Active, DMX (not sure what the official names for the modes are).

Some of my worries about these generic devices:

From my experience, there is no current limiting on the LED's, so they will burn out eventually. The switch-mode power supply isolation is questionable, I wouldn't trust it on a DMX network with expensive lights.

They sell these as PAR Can lights, but they're not, since they don't use PAR (Parabolic Aluminized Reflector) bulbs, and they're not in the same form factor either, this is such a minor detail though.


I won't link to any particular seller of this light, but searching "RGBW LED or 15W LED Light or search terms similar to that on sites like eBay and Aliexpress should bring very similar versions to these.

Bigclive has done tons of testing on LED lights like this one as well as very thorough teardown and analysis of products like this. Check his channel out! https://www.youtube.com/user/bigclive...

Older video on the 18W RGB light: (this video is since unlisted) https://youtu.be/jiuWykI_lK4

Computer DMX control software: https://www.qlcplus.org/ (just grab a generic uDMX adapter that is supported on GNU/Linux and by QLC)

Production Remarks and Rants:

I apologize for the potato microphone quality through most of this video. While I did have a higher quality microphone (as heard in the 2nd fan test), I didn't have my setup available for recording when I filmed the vast majority of this video. I did have a 2nd audio recording from my Olympus recorder, but the USB port on it is broken, so I don't have a way to get any of the audio files off of it, and recording a voiceover would sound too awkward. The autofocus noise is present throughout the video, I tried to film most parts on manual focus to avoid it.


Music by Approaching Nirvana: https://approachingnirvana.com https://open.spotify.com/artist/3sS2Q... http://youtube.com/user/approachingni...

Intro: Dream to Remember (Blocking the Sky) Outro: Aura (Blocking the Sky)


Watch this video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/Ph5mWGDw9QI


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